The Mac-Haydn Theatre

Berkshire on Stage Critics' Pick

Broadway World Nominated


"These gentlemen brought such originality that I felt as though I was seeing these plays for the first time"

— Barbara Waldinger, Berkshire On Stage (in reference to Joe Calarco's direction of Ragtime at Barrington Stage Company and Neal's direction of Spamalot at The Mac-Haydn Theatre)

"Kowalsky has done a great job, being able to harness a sprawling production and make it work in the intimate confines of the Mac-Haydn."

— C.B. Wismar, Lakeville Journal

"It’s always hard to take a Tony winning Broadway show (no matter how long ago it won), and transform it into something that will do well on a smaller scale and with a different audience. However, here it was pulled off marvelously."

— Eleanore Jenks, Broadway Lover

"None of the above would be as good as it is without the work of director Neal Kowalsky. He literally guides our eyes to certain places in certain moments. What he has given the actors to do are small things that give the humorous lines that necessary push of guffaw, that passing of over-the-top to a higher level of laughter. He and his choreographer Sebastiani Romagnalo fill the stage over and over with the zany, the outrageous and the gorgeously weird."

— J. Peter Bergman, Berkshire Bright Focus

"And, of course, congratulations to the director, Neal Kowalsky, who presides over this entire circus."

— Barbara Waldinger Berkshire on Stage

Listen to Neal's Interview with "More Theatre Talk" about the opening of SPAMALOT at The Mac-Haydn Theatre


The Mac-Haydn Theatre

Broadway World Nominated

"[Neal] Kowalsky, and [Ashley DeLane] Burger, used these musical moments to move their characters into those classic positions that make a great musical a great experience, both amusing and moving."

— J. Peter Bergman, Berkshire Bright Focus