Theatre Director

Mission Statement

My name is Neal Kowalsky, and I am excited to welcome you to my website. As a Director and Assistant Director, I have seen the impact theatre; the power to challenge the familiarity, rejuvenate imagination and give a voice to a people. I have cast a wide net directing a variety of production styles from large-scale, elaborate musicals to smaller, actor-driven plays. My work has been critically acclaimed, and nominated for various awards, while I have also assisted on award winning and critically acclaimed productions. I am attracted to stories that are unique and vary from what I have heard before. I use theatre to break down walls and open the eyes of the audience to a world different from their comfort. I thrive in a collaborative environment where I can work with and learn from a diverse team to bring each unique story to an audience. Being at the forefront of change and exploration energizes me. Now more than ever I am excited to create theatre that is not just entertaining but also thought provoking. My goal with every production is to start a conversation with the audience that goes well beyond the end of the performance.

Theatre is my form of activism.